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My aim for you as my client, is to advise you at a competitive costed rate, keeping you informed at every stage and giving you options and direct advice (whether it’s something you want to hear or not). The only way forward is together, whether you’re an applicant, plaintiff, respondent, or defendant. Unlike other firms, you can ring me after hours and I will do my best to answer if I don’t, I will call you back personally, at my earliest convenience.

Litigation is not a linear path, it’s a curvy road fraught with surprises and obstacles, my job is to fight for you, stand between these things and push forward to a result.

With Aaron Stewart representing you at AKS Law Pty Ltd, you get the high-level city law firm commercial litigation experience, and a person at a reasonable price.

AKS Laws Principal Solicitor, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law Lawyer & Director Aaron Stewart

Bringing the Human to Law

Meet Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart was born in the rugged country city of Cairns and moved to Brisbane to provide him with wider employment opportunities.

Since the of age 7, Aaron Stewart wanted to be a solicitor and held onto this goal. From that point his parents did everything they could to give him exposure to legal practice.

His father worked in a variety of roles including with the gas and fuel companies drafting LPG Agreements in accordance with legislative regulations.

Aaron adopted his father’s skill set and became a commercial litigator upon admission to legal practice.

A Word from Aaron:

“Firstly, I am a person before a litigator and advocate. I have a beautiful fiancé (soon-to-be wife) and a beloved stepdaughter who I’ve parented since she was just 1 year of age (she is now 8). The greatest happiness is making them laugh or smile.

In terms of hobbies, I may not be what you expect, I enjoy boxing, NRL, tennis, and V8’s.

These hobbies reflect, my determination and fight to advocate on your behalf in your matter regardless of the problem.”

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Aaron Stewart

Principal Solicitor and Legal Practice Director

Aaron Stewarts New Approach to Law

Why Did I Start AKS Law?

This one is simple, I want to bring access to litigious and advocacy justice for commercial and civil litigation matters, but this is not a common profession. I have worked in City and suburban firms as a commercial litigation lawyer handling complex and emotive matters charging out the exuberant hourly rates demoralising the client. Whilst the value is justified, I believe there is a better way to do justice for litigious and advocacy matters.

Too often did I see litigants become overwhelmed by costs issues causing further detriment to their health albeit, their lives. Something as simple as being able to call your solicitor directly without speaking to the receptionist and paralegal only to find out the lawyer is in court. Whilst this might seem insignificant it has adverse impacts on the client. You will find that I am one of the few Directors and Principals solicitors in Commercial litigation with his phone number on the website.

Legal Excellence in Motion

Aaron Stewarts Career Journey

Aaron Stewarts journey, like many others, is a reminder that success is not always measured by academic achievements alone. Read my Journey below and find out how I walked my path to become who I am today.

A Challenging Beginning

In today’s interconnected world, reputation plays a crucial role in personal and professional success. However, false statements, malicious rumours, and harmful online content can tarnish an individual’s or a business’s reputation, leading to significant damages. When faced with the challenging situation of defamation, seeking expert legal guidance is essential to protect your rights and restore your reputation.

The Decision to Pursue TAFE For A Diploma Of Management

Undeterred by setbacks, I took a different path toward his aspirations. Recognizing that academic grades were not the sole measure of my potential, I committed to the bold decision to enrol in a Diploma of Management program at TAFE while working full time, which meant classes after work ran until 9:00 pm weekly. This choice allowed me to gain practical skills and industry knowledge, which he knew would be invaluable in his pursuit of a legal career, I always knew I wanted to run my practice.

Juggling Work & Studies

This was a hard one even for the most determined. For the next six to eight years, I embarked on a gruelling journey of working full-time during the day and studying tirelessly in the evenings and weekendsMy commitment and discipline was tested but unwavering as I dedicated countless hours to my day job while pushing to graduate with my diploma and then Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.. These years were marked by sleepless nights, missed social gatherings, and sacrifices that many would find challenging, but I learned my craft, resilience, and how to handle legal; pressure for when the time came to practice law.

Overcoming Challenges & Rising Above

Aaron Stewarts determination to become a solicitor pushed me through moments of doubt and exhaustion. While my peers pursued traditional paths, i embraced the road less travelled, fully aware of the sacrifices it entailed. Financial independence became a driving force, and I relentlessly pursued opportunities for personal and professional growth. With each passing year, my confidence grew, as did my ability to balance work responsibilities and studies. I discovered that resilience, resourcefulness, and a strong work ethic were invaluable assets in my journey and life. Along the way, I sought guidance from mentors, seized networking opportunities, and surrounded myself with individuals who shared his passion for the legal profession.

A Dream Becomes Reality

After several years of unwavering dedication and sacrifice, my perseverance was rewarded. Being awarded a Bachelor of Law from the University of Southern Queensland. I don’t credit my success to being the smartest but rather, being the most dedicated and willing to fight against the odds. This moment marked the culmination of my arduous journey and assured my belief that hard work and persistence get results, a trait I use for each matter I handle to this day. Looking back, I am grateful for the lessons learned along the way because, without these experiences, I formed an appreciation for the value of hard work, resilience, and self-belief against the odds or when on the ropes.

The End of A Chapter & A Beginning of A Journey

My journey is a powerful testament to the indomitable human spirit and the ability to overcome adversity. Despite not having the grades for law school or going to a prestigious private school, I refused to let his circumstances define me. I pursued an alternative path, balancing full-time work with studies, and made significant sacrifices to achieve my dream of becoming a solicitor. My journey, like many others, is a reminder that success is not always measured by academic achievements alone. By embracing circumstances, seizing opportunities, and investing in his personal and professional growth, I become an example for anyone facing challenges on their path to fulfilling their aspirations

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Respectful & Professional!

Thank you for believing me when nobody else would, I have a second shot at life, and I will be sure to refer to your others in need.


Best Lawyer In Brisbane!

I received expert assistance from Aaron. He was always prompt harbor and reliable. If I am being frank, without his honest approach, I do not think I could have taken the matter as far as I did, thank you for minimising some of the stress in the litigation.


Thank You Aaron!

Aaron provided an initial consult for myself and my business and then followed through with improving our contracts. He’s extremely easy to deal with, professional, knowledgeable, and priced. It is nice to have a lawyer who gets it.

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Commercial litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the context of business activities. It involves conflicts between companies or individuals related to contracts, partnerships, intellectual property and employment.

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