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Civil Litigation

“Civil litigation refers to the legal process used to resolve conflicts between individuals or entities outside of criminal cases. It involves various civil matters such as personal injury, property disputes, contracts, and family law. The process includes filing a lawsuit, pre-trial procedures, potential trial, and reaching resolution through settlement or court judgment.”

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AKS Law understands civil litigation. When a dispute arises, you need experienced legal counsellors – mentors to help and advise you on obligations, risks, and rights. As your preferred civil lawyers in Brisbane, we stand in your corner and advise you strategically to resolve your dispute. If litigation can’t be avoided, we are experienced in navigating you through the Queensland process, tribunals, and courts.

It is essential to have an approach to litigation, and ours can be summarised into three stages: understanding, care, and resolution. We work with you from the start to the end, and strongly welcome option dispute resolution practices, including mediation and negotiation.

At the same time, with our extensive range of professional legal services, you may have several questions. For example, you may wonder what civil litigation includes, whether you need to employ civil lawyers from Brisbane, or if you can afford to hire qualified civil litigation lawyers based in Brisbane. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Meanwhile, here are some helpful FAQs to consider.

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We can help you with a wide range of matters, including:

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Being a trained professional in their field, solicitors have a vast understanding and/or method of research and application that they apply in becoming knowledgeable for items pertinent to the matter they are supporting their client with. A solicitor has a great understanding of Federal, State and local laws.

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Civil Litigation FAQs

Civil litigation is the legal process used to resolve conflicts, disagreements, or legal issues between parties through the court system. It involves various stages such as filing a lawsuit, discovery, pre-trial motions, trial, and potential appeal. Civil litigation is typically pursued when parties are unable to reach a resolution through negotiation, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

If you have questions about civil litigation or want to learn more about our approach, please refer to the FAQ section on the left for detailed information and answers to commonly asked questions.

Civil litigation is the legal process where two parties resolve a non-criminal dispute, usually through economic damages (money) or compensation. The parties involve individual persons, businesses, companies, or government bodies.

We can help you with a wide range of matters, including:

  • Contractual
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Leasing and property disputes
  • Debt
  • Discrimination
  • Employment
  • Business interruption
  • Trade practices
  • Shareholder/member
  • Partnership
  • QCAT
  • General disputes

Civil litigation is a broad area of law. It encompasses different types of disputes and dispute resolution in Brisbane. Depending on the claim’s value, these issues may be heard in both courts and tribunals but are often litigated and resolved privately between solicitors representing the parties.

The most common types of disputes are debt recovery actions, contract disputes, building and property contention, defamation disputes, employment discord, disciplinary matters, and administrative disputes.

In any civil litigation conflict, it is essential to have the resolution top of mind so we can settle the matter and you can move on with your life. Civil litigation is complex, requiring an experienced solicitor who understands each stage of the litigation process. These proficiencies include time limits to bring an action, the capacity to inform you of your risks in various overlapping areas, and the potential issues you may foresee.

Commencing proceedings can be done in court by claim or application. Your pleadings are the critical document outlining the dispute’s terms between you and the other party. The most common pleadings are claim, statement of claim, defence, and reply.

Starting court proceedings involves several stages; in most cases, you must prepare a claim and statement of claim outlining the relevant information you rely on to establish your case against the other party. Once this has been achieved, you must file the documents in court, pay the filing fee and serve the other party with sealed copies.

Fees can vary widely depending on the nature and complexity of your case, the necessary resources, the seniority of your counsel, and the urgency required. Rates can also be fixed, hourly, or retainer based. Typical hourly rates range from $100 to $700, while retainers can be in the thousands, depending on your needs.

However, legal professionals will negotiate these costs, capping hourly rates at a maximum ceiling. In contrast, others may offer a no-win, no-fee arrangement, where your solicitor will only charge for their services if you win the case.

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