Domestic Violence

“At AKS Law Brisbane, we understand the complexities and sensitivities surrounding domestic violence charges in Australia. If you or a loved one are facing legal challenges related to domestic violence, our experienced legal team is here to offer comprehensive guidance and support.”

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Our commitment is not only to uphold the law but also to ensure your rights are protected and your voice is heard throughout the legal process. With a deep understanding of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012, we are dedicated to providing you with compassionate legal representation.

At AKS Law, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you during this challenging journey. Let us be your partner in seeking justice and resolving domestic violence matters effectively.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence refers to any form of harmful behaviour by one person towards another person in a close relationship. This behaviour can take various forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. It may involve threats, coercion, or control that makes the victim fear for their safety, the safety of others, or their overall well-being.

What is Domestic Violence?

Identifying the Signs of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may include (but is not limited to) the following situations:

It’s crucial to recognize that domestic violence encompasses various forms of mistreatment within close relationships and can have serious legal and emotional consequences. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, seeking assistance is essential.

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Seeking support as a victim of domestic violence is a crucial step towards reclaiming your safety and well-being. It takes immense courage to break the silence and reach out for help. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, remember that your safety should be top priority.

At AKS Law, we stand against domestic violence and are here to assist your case. Our team understands the legal intricacies involved and will provide the guidance and advocacy you need to navigate through the process. Remember, you’re not alone – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re in immediate danger, call 000 for Police and Ambulance help.

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Domestic Violence FAQ

FAQs are strictly general information and should not be considered legal advice. We recommend that you contact our Brisbane criminal lawyers for legal counsel.

domestic violence order (DVO) application is made in the Magistrates Court and can protect you by making a person who is committing acts of domestic violence against you, be of good behaviour and not commit domestic violence.

Not all orders are the same and you can request special conditions be added into the order for example, making it unlawful for a violent person to come within a certain distance from where you live. Police can apply for a domestic violence order on your behalf, or you can apply directly to the court with your solicitor, friend, family member or welfare worker.

To apply for a domestic violence order, you must have been involved in an intimate personal relationship, a family relationship, or an informal care relationship (one person is or was dependent on another person for help with living activities and the person is not a paid carer).

If the respondent decides to contest the order the matter usually proceeds to trial however the circumstances for a matter to proceed to trial are different.  Disputes typically arise when children are involved, and an imposed condition is that the agreed cannot come into contact or a certain distance with the children however at this stage the dispute then likely also gives rise to a parenting matter.

A Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) is a civil order from the court that prohibits a person who is served with the order (the respondent) from acting violently towards any person named in the order. This is achieved by imposing restrictions and rules to the respondent, and should they be breached; criminal charges can be issued.

If you or someone you know is in danger, seek immediate help from domestic violence, and call the police.

Domestic Violence & Mental Health Helplines

Whether you are a survivor seeking help or someone concerned about the well-being of a loved one, please consider reaching out to the following helplines for support.