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Are you facing a legal challenge that requires the expertise of a dedicated and confident legal team? Look no further than AKS Law. Based in Brisbane City, just near the Courts, we are ready to go the distance for you, round after round.

But what makes us different from other litigation firms?

We are approachable and personable removing legal mumbo jumbo with the Director’s direct personal monbile number on our website. Because we are a team we make sure you, the client is very involved in the process, helping you to have that feeling of engagement and comfort, removing concerns.

Litigation is not the same as drafting a document, it’s a journey that the client and AKS traverse together, we make sure you know the law, the rules in which you can continue to run your business, or achieve a certain outcome.

AKS does this in a personal way, removing the traditional system of leaving a message for us to call you back, our clients feel involved and supported, so they know they are getting the strong level of experience and protection. This is where our true value lies: making AKS Law a trusted litigator backing you, even if you feel on the ropes.

We will manage your expectations and won’t sugarcoat any bad news; we would be failing our duties owed to you by doing so. When we say we understand, we mean it, we are your trusted partners, dedicated to helping you overcome legal challenges with confidence, head-on, and without fear.

So why choose AKS Law?

Because we genuinely care, because we are a team, and because we understand the challenges you are facing. Let us be your trusted legal partner, fighting for your rights and delivering the results you deserve. Contact AKS Law today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a successful resolution with personable and direct humans.


An Active Member of prominent legal associations

AKS Law, a reputable law firm known for its commitment to excellence and client-centered approach, has established itself as an active member of various legal associations. These affiliations reflect the firms dedication to professional growth, ethical practice, and engagement within the legal community. By participating in these organisations, AKS Law demonstrates it’s commitment to staying updated on legal developments, and fostering meaningful connections within the legal profession.

Meet the Principal

Aaron Stewart is an experienced employment and commercial litigation Solicitor who is admitted in Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia.

Aaron places a strong emphasis on resolving disputes by negotiation, and applies strategies to ensure you are working toward the best possible outcome, advising you at each stage of your matter. When intervention is needed, Aaron fervently represents you in Court proceedings (State and Federal jurisdiction), Commissions, Tribunals, meditation, or conciliation, understanding the processors involved whilst embracing the same vision, resolving your matter.

Aaron has successfully represented clients against top tier firms in the Federal Court of Australia, Supreme, District and Magistrate’s Courts of Queensland, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

Matters Aaron Has Handled

Business Dispute

Restraint of Trade

Unfair Dismissal

Breach of Contract


Internal Dispute

Business Dispute

Acted for a high-income employee involved in a business dispute against the director of an advertising agency (the Respondent) regarding unpaid wages, redundancy, and discrimination. Negotiations continued for 3 months, and the matter was settled with the terms and conditions expressly particularised in a deed of settlement and release. The matter settled for over $170,000.

Restraint of Trade

Act for a law practice involved in an employment-related dispute regarding restraint of trade, confidential information, leave entitlements and adequate notice with a senior solicitor (former director and Respondent). The outgoing solicitor believed he was entitled to the client list with no restraint period. After months of negotiation, a settlement was reached between the parties that the employee would resign upon payment of any outstanding leave, the client list argument was dropped, and a new restraint was drafted for 6 months from the date of resignation.

Unfair Dismissal

Acted for an employee involved in allegations of harassment (as the Respondent), who was stood down from work for over 2 years following independent medical assessments declaring the worker unfit to work, contingent upon medical treatment and gradual return to the workplace, and was ultimately terminated from employment. The State was represented by the top-tier law practice. I prepared the application forms in the Fair Work Commission Jurisdiction and the Australian Human Rights Anti-Discrimination Commission (filed for both unfair dismissal and discrimination on the grounds of failure to provide reasonable adjustments. After prolonged negotiation, we reached the Conciliation Conference in FWC. The matter settled for an amount and a written reference was provided to the client (to obtain further work). The terms were expressly stated in a Deed of Settlement and Release.

Breach of Contract

Acted for a former employee involved in a restraint of trade clause following their resignation from a beauty company and set up another beauty company. I took the clients instructions and reviewed the letter of demand that was received. I provided advice to the client that the current restraint clause would not be accepted as valid, as it failed to meet any responsibility whatsoever and therefore must be void. I drafted a letter in response to the other side outlining the legal errors of the restraint clause whilst informing them that we would accept proceedings on our client’s behalf. The other side advised that their client was no longer pursuing the matter.


Acting for the defendant on allegations of unlicensed buildings resulting in damages for the plaintiff surpassing $25,000.00 in the Magistrate’s Court of Queensland. I worked autonomously and assisted counsel with drafting the defence, preparing, and filling all court documents, and completing multiple appearances. I negotiated an out-of-court settlement with the other side who filed a notice of discontinuance with the QBCC fines to be settled separately.

Internal Dispute

Acted for an employer (sophisticated client) involved in an internal dispute with a former employee. The matter had no escalated to proceedings. After taking the client’s instructions I drafted and reviewed the unusual employment contract terms, provided advice to the sophisticated client, and advised to write a letter in response enclosing an offer to settle which involved a written reference and payout of annual leave (which is an entitlement regardless). The letter also included a very small settlement sum. The result was that the former employee did not initiate proceedings, the grievance was elevated, and following this, the practice implemented uniform contracts for all staff which I drafted.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the context of business activities. It involves conflicts between companies or individuals related to contracts, partnerships, intellectual property and employment.

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Civil litigation refers to the legal process used to resolve conflicts between individuals or entities outside of criminal cases. It involves various civil matters such as personal injury, property disputes and contracts.

Employment & Discrimination

Employment and discrimination law govern the employer-employee relationship, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities at work. It covers hiring, working conditions, wages, promotions, and termination.

Criminal Law

Criminal law, from the perspective of defendants, refers to the body of laws and regulations that govern the rights, obligations, and protections afforded to individuals who have been accused of committing a crime.


QCAT is an independent tribunal in Queensland, Australia, providing an accessible alternative to court for resolving civil and administrative disputes like tenancy and consumer claims.

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