At AKS Law Brisbane, we’re thrilled to share an inspiring success story that exemplifies the power of legal expertise, determination, and unwavering support for our clients facing unfair dismissal.

Meet our remarkable client, John (name changed for privacy), who was thrown into a daunting employment law dispute due to a defective show cause process by a large-scale organization. Facing serious allegations that ultimately led to his wrongful & unfair dismissal, John was in dire need of assistance.

John’s journey through the legal battle was far from easy, but AKS Law was there every step of the way. Here’s how it all unfolded:

Stage 1: Conciliation Conference

John’s ordeal began with a conciliation conference, an attempt to resolve the dispute without proceeding to court. AKS Law Brisbane meticulously prepared John for this crucial meeting, ensuring he was well-equipped to present his case effectively.

Stage 2: Multiple Appearances in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

The case moved on to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, where John had to make multiple appearances. With our expert guidance, he navigated the legal intricacies and maintained his resilience.

Stage 3: Robust Settlement Negotiations

One of the pivotal moments in John’s journey was the robust settlement negotiations. AKS Law’s experienced team tirelessly advocated on his behalf, seeking the best possible outcome for him. We knew the importance of reaching a settlement addressing John’s needs.

Stage 4: Trial Preparation

As the case neared the trial stage, our team prepared for what could have been a lengthy and costly process. We left no stone unturned in building a solid case for John.

Thanks to AKS Law Brisbane’s steadfast commitment, legal expertise, and relentless dedication, we achieved a remarkable outcome. Just a week before the trial began, we secured a substantial settlement for John, comprising a considerable sum of damages and, importantly, a statement of service. This statement of service opens doors for John to continue his career in the same industry.

Most significantly, John’s case avoided the uncertainties and expenses of a trial. In a jurisdiction where costs are discretionary, this outcome was a significant win for our client. Our thorough negotiation skills and unwavering commitment to his case made all the difference.

John’s success story is a testament to the power of legal expertise and the invaluable support of AKS Law Brisbane. We are proud to have been part of his journey, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients in their pursuit of justice.


John’s success story with AKS Law Brisbane highlights essential takeaways that not only contributed to his triumph but also serve as valuable lessons for both employees and employers in navigating the complexities of employment law. Let’s delve into these key points:

Procedural Fairness in Show Cause Process

 John’s case underscores the critical importance of procedural fairness. Employers must adhere to established procedures, especially in a show cause process, which can significantly impact an employee’s livelihood. Ensuring employees have a fair opportunity to respond to allegations can be the key to avoiding unfair dismissal claims and costly legal battles.

Honesty and Full Disclosure

All employees must make complete and accurate declarations to their employers when requested. Transparency and honesty in these declarations are fundamental to maintaining trust in the workplace. This applies to employees and employers, as mutual trust is the foundation of a healthy work environment.

Honouring Modern Awards

Both employees and employers must uphold the terms of modern awards and employment agreements. Failure to do so can lead to disputes and legal challenges. In John’s case, adherence to relevant modern awards was crucial in reaching a favourable settlement.

Staying Current in Employment and Discrimination Law

AKS Law Brisbane’s success in John’s case is a testament to the importance of lawyers staying current with emerging trends in the employment and discrimination law space. The legal landscape continually evolves, and legal professionals must be well-informed and adaptable.

Incorporating these takeaways into John’s success story adds depth and relevance to his journey. John’s story serves as a reminder that a commitment to fairness, honesty, adherence to legal regulations, and a robust legal team can lead to favourable outcomes in complex employment law disputes.

If you are in a similar situation facing unfair dismissal, remember that AKS Law Brisbane is here to provide the expertise and guidance you need to navigate the legal landscape successfully. Your story can be a success story, too, built on these critical principles of fairness and legal expertise.