What is a solicitor & how can they help you?

Lawyer are providing legal advice to clients.

A solicitor is a legal professional who has successfully met the requirements set out by the Queensland Law Society and has been given the approval by QLS to practice law. They practice law in ways of representing and defending a client (From a person, business to an entity) and their legal interests which can range from Disputes, Criminal Allegations, Wills & Estates right through to simple advice on a matter.

What is required to become a solicitor?

There are four primary steps to becoming a solicitor in Queensland.

  • Completion of an approved law degree
  • Completion of an approved practical legal training course or a supervised traineeship
  • Application for admission to Roll of Lawyers
  • Application for a practising certificate

There are of course many circumstances and other boxes to be ticked but one that we cannot stress enough is whether studying or practicing law as a solicitor – You must be professional and undergo all tasks by the book!

How can a solicitor help you?

A solicitor being a trained professional in their field have a vast understanding and/or method of research and application they can apply in becoming knowledgeable for items pertinent to the matter they are supporting their client with. A solicitor has a great understanding of Federal, State and local laws.

It is important when finding the right solicitor for you that you know what area of law you are seeking. Although solicitors are trained to a high standard, solicitors often have an area of expertise and an area of law they have more experience in than others. For example, some firms will only focus on Wills & Estates whereas others focus on Commercial Litigation. Although both firms can practice law in both fields, it would be best to approach a firm that specializes in your matter. For example, at AKS Law we specialize in,

  • Breach of Contract
  • Director Disputes
  • Business & Company Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employer focused employment law.

We also have experience in many other areas as our Director, Aaron, has strong experience in multiple areas of law.

A solicitor is bound to abide by the law but also keep information between themselves and the client confidential. They are required to ensure their clients best interests are considered when undertaking and offering advice on a matter for the client.

Approaching and engaging a solicitor does not always mean going to court as most TV shows would lead you to believe.

Although court is a large part in what a solicitor will be involved with, often avoiding court by resolving matters with dispute resolution prior or deescalating situations is usually recommended. 

At AKS Law Brisbane, Aaron Stewart is driven to provide the best possible outcome. With experience being the backbone, Aaron will go the extra mile for you.


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